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Written by Donald Giuliano   
Monday, 12 July 2010 20:26

The TVN Dominator underwent a series of upgrades during the winter in preparation for the 2010 storm chasing season. In addition to strengthening the bulletproof sheet metal and transparent Lexan armor, the 2010 Dominator features an upgraded vertical radar and an array of air cannons to shoot data-collecting probes directly into the funnel. These probes are upgraded versions of the parachute probes launched by the TVN RC Plane in 2009, which was not operated in 2010.  The Dominator allows to safely collect ground-breaking scientific data very close to strong tornadoes where few dare to venture.


During 2010, the TVN team successfully intercepted numerous tornadoes, including the Bowdle, SD, storm on May 22 and the Deer Creek/Wadena storm in Minnesota on June 17.  Both of these were powerful EF-4 wedge tornadoes capable of causing extensive damage.  The data collected on these tornadoes and others should help scientists better understand tornadoes.


The Dominator in Michigan shortly after being upgraded during the winter. dominator_version2_pic6_web Waiting for a storm On the hunt... Intercepting a monster EF-4 wedge! Hunting for probes after a successful launch

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Re:2010 Dominator Upgrade
Sep 05 2010 02:22:33
Zebrails wrote:
Just curious...

Your photo of your group "hunting" for the probes... what is the use of the shotgun?

Re:2010 Dominator Upgrade
Sep 05 2010 16:04:45
I think it was shooting the probes down from the trees... but i am not so sure now.

Re:2010 Dominator Upgrade
Sep 07 2010 16:14:49
Ding Ding, Max.

Shoot branch = branch fall = probe come down = no climb tree.

Simple solution and fun to boot.
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