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On-Sale October 14th

Reed Timmer, a star of the top rated Storm Chasers on the Discovery Channel is one of the most successful and most extreme storm chasers in the world. His is a job that requires science and bravado, knowledge and instinct just to survive, never mind excel. It’s a job some people would kill for. But most prefer to let Timmer take the risks while they watch from the safety of their own homes. Now, in Into the Storm, he takes readers inside the terrifying and awe-inspiring world of big weather.

Published to coincide with the fourth season’s premiere, Into the Storm is Timmer’s dramatic account of his extraordinary profession. Featuring stories of the three-hundred-plus extreme tornados, hurricanes, or blizzards that Timmer has watched ring-side over the last decade—storms that include the killer F5 tornado that struck Moore, Oklahoma, in May 1999; the unprecedented, devastating storm surge of Hurricane Katrina; and the little-studied but enormously powerful storm systems in places like Canada and Argentina. As a Ph.D. candidate in meteorology, Timmer is after more than just an adrenaline rush—his stories feature fascinating insights into the science of storms, and how the data he is collecting could possibly save lives. With a firsthand perspective on the storm-chasing community, Timmer also takes readers inside this world, examining his controversial obsession and the ethical debates it sparks.

Into the Storm is one wild—and informative—ride.






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Introducing "Into The Storm"
Oct 14 2010 00:02:59
Are there pictures in the book?
I would love to get it on Kindle but not if there are pictures.

Nothing like immediate gratification.
Re:Introducing "Into The Storm"
Jan 02 2011 04:03:51
Hi all,

I got Reed’s book for Christmas and I sat down today and read it straight through (I literally just finished reading it now). What a great read!! It was great to learn so much about Reed’s background and his never ending passion for the weather and tornados. After reading the book, I have so much respect for Reed. He is one hell of a true passionate storm chaser!!! I highly recommend this book to all to read!! It is nonstop excitement from the time it starts until you get through to the glossary!! You won’t be disappointed!!!
Re:Introducing "Into The Storm"
Feb 26 2011 04:35:38
Reed's book got a good review from Dr. Jeff Masters of Weather Underground:
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