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Join us today for Reed's Storm Chasing School!
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Written by Heidi Farrar   
Tuesday, 26 March 2013 12:07
three_oclockMarch 26, 2013:  As we head into the final hours of TVN's 2013 Kickstarter campaign, Reed will be hosting a special, live podcast where he'll talk about--what else?--storm chasing! He'll go in-depth with a how-to on chasing basics, discuss tornado forecasting, and will of course cover important aspects of chasing safety, including his personal stories of what not to do. You can tune in at 3:00 PM Central time at for the live event, and follow along on Facebook and Twitter--Reed will also be taking your questions, so have one ready! If you'd like to see more on the educational front, be sure to pledge to the Kickstarter campaign--the new stretch goal of $125,000 will kick things up yet another notch, with each pledge over $20 receiving two bonus science episodes, in addition to one raw and uncut episode. Everyone at TVN would like to thank you for your support--the 2013 season of Tornado Chasers would not be possible without you!
TVN launches KickStarter Campaign for Tornado Chasers!
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Written by Dick McGowan   
Thursday, 28 February 2013 21:28


If you enjoyed Discovery Channel's Storm Chasers or the 2012 season of Tornado Chasers, we have some exciting news for 2013. We're teaming up with Kickstarter to take Tornado Chasers, our independent series, to the next level and we need your help!!!


With Tornado Chasers, our goal is to produce the most realistic storm chasing series ever. Our Emmy-nominated executive producer, Chris Whiteneck, worked with us on Discovery's Storm Chasers and is a veteran of many top-rated shows, including Deadliest CatchSwamp People, and Dirty Jobs.


And Joel Taylor, the “Brett Favre of storm chasing” is coming back! Please share our Kickstarter page with all Team Dominator fans you know and it would be much appreciated.



We have amazing rewards if you decide to pledge, ranging from a 2013 Tornado Chasers season pass to me taking you to dinner in the Dominator! You could even go chasing with us this spring in Dominator 1!!  Any donation helps!! Thank you for your time, and with your help we will dominate in spring 2013.


Hattiesburg, MS tornado rated EF-4
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Written by Heidi Farrar   
Tuesday, 12 February 2013 02:18
hattiesburg_thumb_1Intense supercell thunderstorms raged across southern Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama on February 10, 2013; unfortunately, the town of Hattiesburg, MS, felt the brunt of a long-tracked, violent tornado produced by one of these powerful late winter storms.  Scott Peake of the Basehunters storm chase team made a great call in positioning his team in a prime area for tornadic development late in the afternoon, which allowed them to capture this astonishing close-range urban tornado footage (below). Scott also remained in contact with the local National Weather Service office in Jackson to keep them apprised of the behavior and location of the tornado. as it tracked toward and eventually into Hattiesburg. The Weather Service is still assessing the damage from several tornadoes that impacted their region, but late yesterday released an update to their initial survey and have determined that EF-4 damage exists in Hattiesburg. Thankfully--and incredibly--no fatalities are known to have occurred during this event as of this posting, though there have been several dozen reports of injuries. Without the collaborative efforts of storm chasers, NWS personnel, and local media, the situation for residents of Hattiesburg and surrounding communities would surely have been much different once the storms had passed.

Below is Scott's video, which begins with a monstrous multi-vortex tornado several miles outside of Hattiesburg, and follows the progress of the tornado as it enters and carves a path through the city.

Reed will be posting the latest updates to this story on his Facebook and Twitter pages, or at our sister site,
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