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Created On: 12/01/2009 00:13:38

hey how are you? boy that was one great season finale sunday night wasn't it=] and plus i like your photos.

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Created On: 07/29/2009 10:21:29

thoght id give you 5 stars


2010 chase season

Created On: 12/17/2009 09:19:55
Amarillo Tornado Hunters

Getting ready for the season to begin, it was not a really busy season for us last season so I am praying that mother nature decides to show us her stuff.
I am looking forward to seeing what happens with this upcoming season along with putting some of ATH's big ideas into play.

July 28 2009

Created On: 07/30/2009 09:32:20
Amarillo was hit with strong winds Tuesday evening around 5. Our base had some roof damage, Amarillo College's East Campus had the roof tore off and some big rigs were laying on there side.
Our team observed winds that were blowing in all different directions there were many areas of rotation but no tornadoes were confirmed with ATH by our chasers.

watching Northeast New Mexico

Created On: 07/26/2009 16:43:54
We are currently watching Northeast New Mexico for storms that will be moving into the Texas Panhandle this afternoon into the evening hours

Real Potential

Created On: 07/24/2009 19:36:38
This Sunday through Friday we have a good chance of scattered to Isolated thunderstorms in the Texas Panhandle. I will for surly be dragging my team out onto the field and hope we are able to get some good video and weather measurements.
I love tornadoes but I have just as much love for Severe storms to me any opportunity we get to get some sort of documentation is not a waste.

About me and my team

Created On: 07/21/2009 11:44:33
Edited By amarillotornadohunters On: 07/22/2009 16:19:16
Hi my name is Christine, I am a thirty one year old storm chaser who began my interest in storms 1995, I earned my Veteran status in 2008.
I caught my first Tornado in 1993 or 94 when it touched down just North of my location somewhere around the Canadian river and have been hooked since.
Know I and a team are into coming up with different types of technology that chasers like myself can use to study weather. The instrumentation we have come up with is somewhat unconventional but we do it anyway.
My goal is to help the ones who are out there helping to save lives by putting their own life on the line. The safer we can make their jobs the safer it will make everyone from a tornadoes destruction,


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Created On: 11/26/2009 22:46:35

please go back 2 my profile book and rate my profile, just edit your post.. thanks

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Created On: 11/05/2009 10:50:31

nice pic and website.chris
Feedback from amarillotornadohunters: Thankyou

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Created On: 08/26/2009 18:02:57

hey i know you might not want to but if you want you wanna with me on my site cause i cant get this chat to work heres a link

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Created On: 07/29/2009 10:20:53

hey christine i saw that you said hi to me on the chat im going to be in their now so yeah.

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Created On: 07/22/2009 20:40:49

how was kansas?
Feedback from amarillotornadohunters: There was some strong cells around Garden City no tornado that I am aware of but I will know more in the morning when I talk to my team members , there is still a line of storms moving through south Ks right know.

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Created On: 07/19/2009 17:17:15

love your photos!

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