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News - Tornadoes
Written by Heidi Farrar   
Wednesday, 17 April 2013 11:20
4-17-13_graphicA large portion of the central U.S. is under the risk for severe weather this afternoon and into the evening, with very large hail, damaging wind and strong tornadoes all possible. The greatest area of interest will be from southwestern Missouri and southeast Kansas across most of Oklahoma to the Texas border, as emphasized by the Storm Prediction Center and with the help of the graphic at left by TVN storm chaser Braydon Morisseau. Multiple storm chasers will be streaming live video to our sister site,, and Reed will be making updates from the field, so you can foloow along with him at Twitter or Facebook. If you are in the areas under threat, as always, we urge you to take today's severe weather situation very seriously, make safety preparations now rather than wait until you should find yourself in a warning, and remain informed through local media and, of course, keep an eye to the sky today.
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Re:Severe weather outbreak expected today!
Apr 19 2013 21:39:57
Tornado watch out here in Maryland.
I will be monitoring the situation and if any Tornado warnings go up in the LWX alert area I will duel post them if need be.
Instability is a bit shoddy but there is plenty of moisture and I'm hoping the area will get some much needed rain.

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